Children and Technology

How much screen time is too much for my child?
What are the signs that a child might be “addicted” to screen time and/or media and games?
How do I strike the right balance between beneficial screen time and harmful screen time?
Some good bullet points, or rules of thumb include:
1. Unplugging yourself, as children emulate their parents.
2. Designate “sacred time” to connect with your child.
3. Be intentional about exploring alternatives to technology as a family.
4. Schedule a healthy balance between technology use and other activities.
5. Create a productive role for your child to help build their confidence and sense of mastery.
6. Make time for your child to play outside.
7. Be conscious of working towards developmental milestones through touch, connecting, using fine and gross motor skills, being well rounded.
8. Become informed of the consequences of technology overuse, including attention/concentration difficulties, aggression, attachment problems, and social difficulties.

The following infographic is a helpful resource when thinking through the basics of how to manage screen time/media use with our children.

The Wired Child