Anxiety and COVID-19

In the midst of the fear and uncertainty we are experiencing with COVID-19, I wanted to offer some brief, even basic/practical ideas for managing your own anxiety, as well as your children’s. In many ways, how we manage our own anxiety will transfer to how we are able (or not) to appropriately care for others, … Read more

Children and Technology

How much screen time is too much for my child? What are the signs that a child might be “addicted” to screen time and/or media and games? How do I strike the right balance between beneficial screen time and harmful screen time? Some good bullet points, or rules of thumb include: 1. Unplugging yourself, as … Read more

Asperger’s Resources for Teens and Tweens

Identifying Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism in your child is a crucial first step. The next step is educating yourself and him/her about the strengths, challenges and frequently encountered difficulties that many of their peers with the disorder have faced and are facing. There are several resources that have recently come out, which offer insight into the … Read more

ADHD is not a simple behavior disorder

ADHD was once widely understood and still is by some today, largely as a behavior disorder, where a child is “bouncing off the walls”, unable to sit still and pay attention in class, constantly interrupting others. However, as Dr. Thomas Brown points out, the more we learn about ADHD through research and science, “specialists are … Read more

10 Myths About ADHD

Dr. Thomas Brown, one of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of AD/HD, identifies 10 myths about ADHD that are insightful and worthy of (focused) attention: 1. A person who has ADHD always has difficulty with executive functions such as focusing on a task and keeping things in mind, regardless of what they … Read more

Who are the Millennials?

The Millenial generation are the youngest generation currently identified and although the age-range for Millennials is disputed, they are generally born after 1980 and include those in their teens, twenty-somethings, and those in their early thirties. Are called “Millennials” because they are the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. Are also … Read more

The Marshmallow Test and the importance of Self-Control: could you resist the temptation?

The classic Marshmallow Test (conducted at Stanford University in the 1960’s) sheds some light on how the ability to delay gratification and exert self-control is linked to the cognitive skill of concentrating on the good feelings that will come from achieving a goal despite frustrations, setbacks, and obstacles. In this experiment, children ages 4-6 years-old … Read more

How will a psychological evaluation help me and my child?

5 foundational ways a psychological evaluation will help you and your child: Provides CLARITY – it’s easy to make assumptions as to why our child is struggling in school, or why he is struggling to make or keep friends. Our assumptions and ideas may be right, but then again, they may not. A psychological evaluation … Read more

Presidential Personality

What factors are central to presidential effectiveness? Read on to find out…

What sets you apart as a therapist?

I frequently receive feedback from parents that I am able to make their child/adolescent feel comfortable and that their child enjoys working with me. It is particularly gratifying to work with children/adolescents and their families and to hear that I am making such an impact in their lives, whether its helping their child to overcome … Read more