posted on Google reviews by Michelle R., January 2020

Dr Kraska is such a phenomenal psychologist! I’ve been seeing him for over two years now and he’s been a true lifeline to making progress in my life. He not only is the one who diagnosed me as being on the Autism Spectrum, but he helped me through figuring out how to be my most authentic self when around other people. If it weren’t for his consistent guidance and ease of conversation, I would still be spending all my time struggling to understand myself. My life is permanently improved due to the expertise and talent Kraska has in talking to people on the Spectrum. Taken from Google Reviews, posted Jan 2020

Lindsay Leiviska, MA Teaching, Founder, A Heart for All Students – Jan 01, 2020 on Healthgrades.com:

Chad Kraska is a phenomenal resource with incredible expertise in so many areas and most specifically girls on the Autism Spectrum. So many girls go undiagnosed and Dr. Kraska is very well-versed and perceptive of the differences that present with these girls. He was the first to suggest ASD for our high-functioning daughter. His insight into my precious girl was the flagpole moment that saved our daughter and our family. I recommend Dr. Kraska to all of my clients for educational testing as well as suspected ASD in our high-functioning girls.

posted on Healthgrades.com on Nov. 1, 2019 by anonymous:
I’ve seen Dr. Kraska for therapy for a while. Only positive things to say. He’s really good at listening to my concerns and walking me through resources and strategies, as well as giving me helpful insights and feedback. He is very warm, friendly, and easy to talk to. He has never been anything other than punctual and thorough in my experience, but has always been apologetic about the isolated occasions when he’s running, at most, 5 minutes late. Different people will of course prefer different therapists, but I would definitely recommend Dr. Kraska to others who prefer honest, friendly, and structured therapists.