CAIS Evaluations

Dr. Kraska provides Charlotte Area Independent Schools (CAIS) testing services
for students PRE-K through 4th GRADE

Standardized evaluations are the:
WPPSI-IV (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence for Pre-K, 4th Edition) Kindergarten and Grade 1 applicants and the
WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5th Edition) for rising Grades 2-4 applicants.

Testing Fees:
WPPSI-IV – $275
WISC-V – $275

The Charlotte Area Independent Schools (CAIS) include:
Charlotte Christian
Charlotte Country Day
Charlotte Latin School
Charlotte Preparatory School
Providence Day School
Trinity Episcopal School

The Registration Process All Applicants Must Follow:
To apply for testing, CAIS requires that you adhere to the following procedure:
1. Complete an application to the school(s) to which you are applying for admission. No school will consider an evaluation until an application for admission to that particular school has been received.
2. All appointments for testing are made by the parents with an individual psychologist – not by the schools. Testing of applicants begins October 1, 2021.
3. Since your child will be compared to other children with the same chronological age, late testing provides no advantage.
4. Psychologists will not make appointments until after Labor Day. Contact the psychologist of your
choice from our list in this brochure to schedule the appointment. Appointments may be made by phone only. Please schedule with only one psychologist. Registration form and check must be received within one week from call to confirm your appointment. If your check is not received within one week, your appointment will be cancelled.
5. To ensure test reliability and validity, children must be at least four years of age at the time of testing
and the assessment can be administered only once
in a twelve month period.
6. Psychologists will report to the schools any indication that a child has been coached, tutored,
or re-tested. Any indication of the aforementioned will invalidate your application to any CAIS school.
7. Upon completion of the evaluation, test results that
are limited to percentile ranges are sent to the parents and to the designated schools. A more detailed interpretation
of the results may be obtained by scheduling a feedback meeting with the psychologist. This is optional for each family and will be billed to you at the psychologist’s hourly rate. To secure your feedback appointment, payment is due prior to appointment date.
8. In addition to the assessment, CAIS schools require an interview with each child. The respective schools will contact you to make an appointment for the interview/observation sessions that are typically
held November-February.
9. General information concerning the results of your child’s evaluation will be mailed to you in writing. The results of the evaluation will also be sent to the participating school(s) of your choice.
10. Book an appointment with one psychologist ONLY.