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Private Practice

Dr. Kraska is proudly a part of Carolinas Counseling Group in Charlotte, NC - CCG is a private practice with with 15 practitioners who provide a vast array of psychological and therapeutic services - there is an expert in nearly every field of mental health - http://www.carolinas-counseling.com

New EEG-based ADHD Assessment Aid

What is NEBA? NEBA is the first of a new kind of medical device approved by the FDA that uses brainwaves (EEG) to help clinicians more accurately diagnose ADHD in children and adolescents (ages 6 – 17.99 years). FDA created an entirely new category of medical device to regulate NEBA. These devices are called Neuropsychiatric Interpretive EEG-based Assessment Aids or NIEAs for short. NEBA is backed by extensive research, which is published on the NebaHealth website. Dr. Kraska now offers NEBA as a part of a comprehensive assessment for ADHD!

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